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Hello! I am a blessed child of God. My life reflects the generous love of the Father. Born in Kano and brought up in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria, I studied Chemistry Education from the prestigious University of Jos (Am'a Great Josite). Although I have a scientific background, I am a Media Missionary and am passionate about placing my gifts and talents at the service of the Church. My main areas of specialization are feature writing, editing, social media evangelization and website management. I am an ardent lover of God, life and people! I have participated in two "World Youth Days" (WYD) with Pope Francis; the 28th WYD held at Rio De Janeiro Brazil, and the 31st WYD at Krakow, Poland. These are unarguably the best days of my life so far. Also, I am a beneficiary of President Barack Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) training during which I learnt the rubrics of Leadership for 5 weeks at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Accra. I have written a Book (Unfolding the Secrets of Love: A walk with St. Theresa on the Little Way) and so I can comfortably call myself an Author. I love to read and research and I have an eye for typos...(typical of a born editor). I love nature alot...Beaches, Trees especially pines... The sky, sunset, rainbow etc... because they remind me of the wonder and grandeur of God and His creation. Because I am a very reflective person, sometimes I love to go out to these natural scenes and just soak myself in the beauty of God's creation. That is how I relax. Shalom!

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